A Boost For BLMP: David & Lau Appear At Key Conferences

Singapore – BLMP – Blockchain Licensing Marketplace, co-founder Victor David has recently attended several important industry conferences to share details about the company’s innovative platform. In May, David was a guest speaker at a panel on new technologies at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo and will be hosting a roundtable at the LIMA MindMix conference in London on June 27th along with BLMP co-founder Casey Lau. LIMA MindMix is a one-day event which brings together business and thought leaders and will be an opportunity to discuss new technologies which are disrupting the licensing industry.

BLMP Background

BLMP is a blockchain technology company that connects digital platforms and global brands in order to monetize officially licensed virtual goods which can be used in various online environments including video games, social media, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

When brands partner with BLMP they gain access to a range of unique features including the ability to track virtual assets and smart contracts which enforce the terms of agreements on the blockchain. Users are then empowered to not only purchase virtual goods and use them across platforms but can also be assured these assets are genuine, all of which is revolutionary for the industry.

Taking BLMP on Tour

With the BLMP platform, the virtual goods industry is seeing a major shift in how brands and consumers utilize virtual goods. Currently, over than one thousand brands representing millions of monthly active users have partnered with BLMP, putting the company at the forefront of the licensed virtual goods industry. Attendees at MindMix in London will have the chance to discuss the myriad of possibilities for increased revenue and expanded markets offered by blockchain technology and virtual goods and how BLMP is leading the way in these industries.