Advisor Additions: CGCX Enlists Ming Cong Ang

Singapore- Ming Cong Ang, an entrepreneur with experience starting businesses in both Singapore and China, has signed on as an advisor for CGCX. The company offers a unique cryptocurrency platform that combines a traditional trading platform with three other service platforms. Given his experience promoting companies in multiple fields and countries, Ang will offer valuable insight to CGCX as it expands.

CGCX has taken the innovative step of combining a traditional cryptocurrency trading platform with three other platforms: one for smart contracts, one for ICO listings, and one for merchant solutions. This offers its users a greater degree of flexibility over how they invest or use their crypto investments. CGCX is also the first hybrid exchange to insure their wallets against cyber attacks, helping to lower overall risk. CGCX further expands user choices by allowing them to vote on which tokens will be available for exchange. It also offers secure wallets, a utility token, and myriad other features for security and convenience.

As an advisor for CGCX, Ang brings the ability to develop any business in a wide range of environments. The entrepreneur has founded or helmed a wide range of companies in industries as diverse as vegetable retail, men’s fashion, and IT solutions. This gives him the insight to promote any product or service to a broad array of different audiences, leaving him perfectly positioned to help CGCX appeal to all potential users.

Cryptocurrency Trading on CGCX

As an insured hybrid platform split into four smaller platforms, CGCX is a hub for cryptocurrency trading, ICOs, smart contracts, and merchant solutions. It offers an array of innovative features to help users take advantage of these services, including:

  • Utility Tokens– CGCX has produced the CGCX token, which can be used to purchase the platform’s services or exchanged through Ethereum. By relying on these tokens, users can earn significant discounts.
  • Secure Wallets– The platform’s multi Wallets can hold CGCX tokens as well as a range of other cryptocurrencies. Users can use them to switch between different currencies securely and swiftly. Plus, CGCX insures cryptocurrencies in the wallet against cyber attacks.
  • Alt Token Elections– To further enhance user choice, CGCX lets its investors vote on which tokens will be listed for exchange.

CGCX hopes to promote these features to all potential users or investors, no matter where they are located or what their background is. The platform needs the expertise to sell in a wide range of markets and to a cornucopia of audiences. Ang has exactly this expertise.

The Storied Career of Ming Cong Ang

With a bachelor’s degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the University of Adelaide, Ming Cong Ang has started or led businesses in a host of fields. He began as a Founder and Director of the Vegetable Company, which sold fresh vegetables to restaurants, hotels, and other food service businesses. He has also served as Managing Director for the fruit processing tech company Fresh Hub Vending, as Director of Business Development for men’s fashion line Mr. Chivalry, and as a Partner for Diamond Walker Bespoke Shoes, among other business ventures. In the process, he participated in startup events and expansions in both Singapore and China. He has the international perspective and industry flexibility necessary to lead CGCX to success.