Advisor Additions: Ziyad Tamz & Leonard Tan Offer Their Insights To CGCX

Singapore- As a revolutionary, insured cryptocurrency trading platform that promises to provide an unprecedented level of flexibility and security, CGCX is recruiting a team of technical advisors who can make these promises into realities. To that end, it has enlisted Ziyad Tamz and Leonard Tan as advisors. These technical experts will contribute a range of skills to help the platform achieve its most ambitious goals.

Both Tamz and Tan have a host of skills that will aid the development of CGCX. Tamz is an academician with a history of both developing advanced technologies and helping others to understand them. Meanwhile, Tan is a software engineer who specializes in designing some of the very features CGCX needs most. Both professionals also bring an international perspective to their work— no small matter for a platform that seeks to attract investors and get involved in investment opportunities the world over.

CGCX will benefit immensely from Tan and Tamz’s skills in its effort to make hybrid cryptocurrency trading as convenient and safe as possible. Armed with their expertise, the platform can raise standards of security and flexibility while appealing to a broad swath of potential investors. This will provide a solid foundation for growth and success over the long haul.

CGCX Overview

CGCX is the first insured hybrid cryptocurrency platform made up of four essential platforms, each focused on a separate technical service. By offering these four platforms–an ICO lising platform, a cryptocurrency exchange, a smart contract platform, and merchant services–CGCX hopes to increase the adoption and everyday use of cryptocurrencies.  

Tamz & Tan

Tamz brings a mixture of research, development, and education skills to the table. As an academician, he has spent more than 25 years advising countless tech initiatives, including those related to robotics, the Internet of Things, and blockchain. He has also worked as an educationist, striving to improve youth understanding of these and other advanced technologies. As a result, he should be able to both promote the development of CGCX features and help potential investors understand those features’ full value.

As a software developer, Tan has worked with payment processors and provided technical advice for ICOs. His main claim to fame is as the designer of a secure digital wallet for CoinHako. He will be able to contribute to CGCX’s multi Wallet and other security features.

Both Tamz and Tan can offer an international perspective at CGCX. Tamz has worked in all of the Gulf Cooperation Council nations and in India, while Tan has spoken at blockchain conferences everywhere from Singapore to Ghana to the United States to the United Arab Emirates. This gives both of them insight into promoting CGCX across the globe, so that the platform can appeal to investors and pursue investments no matter where they are.