An Industry Tour: CGCX Makes Appearances At World Blockchain Forum & BAIConf

Singapore – The Calfin Global Crypto Exchange is a blockchain investment company that offers unprecedented opportunities for investors to diversify their assets. To raise awareness of its unique features and attract early investors, the company has been making appearances at major industry events around the world. In particular, it recently took part in the World Blockchain Conference in its home country of Singapore and the Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference & Exhibition in London.

The Calfin Global Crypto Exchange, or CGCX, takes the unique step of fusing four different blockchain platforms into one. This makes it easier for investors to put together a diversified set of assets, so that they can continue to profit under any economic environment. It also helps investors and other users to access key blockchain services, which can enhance a wide range of activities.

The Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference & Exhibition, or BAIConf, and the World Blockchain Forum both bring together leading business and technical experts in the blockchain industry. By appearing at each of them, CGCX hopes to let the world know just what its platform can do, all while attracting the support needed to create a successful investment platform.

CGCX Considered

CGCX hopes to introduce a new level of security and profitability to cryptocurrency investments. To that end, the company provides:

  • Four Platforms– CGCX consists of four blockchain platforms. One is for ICOs, another for smart contracts, a third for merchant solutions, and a fourth for digital asset trading. By taking advantage of all four, investors can build a diversified assortment of investments while accessing the most advanced blockchain services.
  • Secure Wallets– CGCX provides advanced cryptocurrency wallets. Investors and other users can use them to store their assets safely while accessing them whenever they need to spend them.
  • Insurance & KYC– CGCX offers insurance to insulate its investors against cyber attacks. It also conducts detailed Know Your Customer procedures. Both of these measures cut down on fraud and risk while making the platform more palatable to governing authorities.

From its headquarters in Singapore, CGCX has the potential to transform blockchain investments all over the world. To achieve this potential, it needs to attract widespread support from leading blockchain investors.

Events Attended

CGCX is attracting support and awareness by appearing at some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain events. Chief among those events was this year’s World Blockchain Conference, held in Singapore from June 8th to the 9th. Attracting blockchain innovators and entrepreneurs from across the globe, this event gave the company the perfect opportunity to show just how valuable its hybrid investment platform is.

To build on this publicity and spread word even farther, CGCX also appeared at BAIConf in London from June 18th to the 19th. Hosting some of the most successful cryptocurrency investors, fund managers, and reporters from across the planet, this conference allowed the company to gain support from every corner of the globe. While there, CGCX answered many questions and were able to represent their platform to investors so they can get involved early and effectively.