You42 To Be Sponsor of Atlanta Film Festival [Artistic Endeavors]

Atlanta, Georgia– You42, an up and coming blockchain platform seeking to revolutionize both modern entertainment and social media, is involving itself in all the most popular and creative artistic events. By sponsoring and participating in this year’s Atlanta Film Festival, the company hopes to make a powerful first impression on the planet’s most discerning moviegoers.

You42 uses blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to create a social network where people can post, view, and monetize every manner of artistic work. The ultimate aim of the platform is to make it easier for them to enjoy all types of content and share it with their friends. It also helps content creators to profit from their creative work without relying on established production and distribution houses.

A key pillar to You42’s success will be to attract the attention of large numbers of artists and fans. The Atlanta Film Festival offers just such attention, with filmmakers and moviegoers from all over the world participating directly or indirectly. Not only will You42 be participating, but it will screen an original film of its own.This will help establish the company as an authority on high-quality art, earning it the respect and interest of millions.

The Atlanta Film Festival

Every year since 1976, Atlanta has hosted one of the world’s largest and most important film festivals. It offers prizes in multiple categories, including the New Mavericks program for works with powerful female characters and the Pink Peach prize for films that cover LGBTQ issues. The festival typically features between 150 and 250 films in total; both the films themselves and their audiences hail from all over the world.

The Vision & Contribution of You42

You42 is a social media platform that relies on blockchain technology to help content creators connect with each other, their fans, and share a wide variety of content – from videos to illustrations to novels. It is particularly focused on artistic endeavors, providing a forum where artists can post their works and offer special benefits for fans. The company wants to break the dominance of large production houses, which they feel stifle creativity and earn heavy rents from fans and artists. Through a combination of advertising revenues and cryptocurrency dividends, artists can monetize their work directly through You42.

To help attract users and show their support for the arts, You42 has become a Gold Sponsor of the Atlanta Film Festival. You42 is also submitting a film of its own, Dead By Midnight/11 PM Central, an anthology series starring Hannah Fierman, Davi Crimmins, and cult movie icon Erin Brown which will bring together 6 stories that range from horror, suspense, noir, and comedy. The company hopes audiences will appreciate this series, leading them to view You42 as an expert on quality film-making.

For You42 to successfully break the dominance of large production houses, it must attract large numbers of artists and fans alike to the platform. Participating in the Atlanta Film Festival has the potential to earn You42 the attention and funds it needs in one fell swoop.