CGCX Raises USD $10 Million in Two Weeks – Extends Presale

Singapore- CGCX has announced that as of May 7th it has already reached its soft cap of USD $5 million for its token presale. After two weeks, they’ve continued to see success, raising USD $10 million as of May 15th. Originally planned as a 15-day sales event, CGCX has extended their pre-sale an additional 10 days to accommodate the high demand. Both trends bode well for the company’s efforts to enhance cryptocurrency trading.

The Calfin Global Crypto Exchange, or CGCX, is an insured, hybrid trading platform that consists of four smaller platforms. One of these platforms is devoted to cryptocurrency trading, another to ICO listing, a third to merchant services, and a fourth to smart contracts. By rolling all these activities into a single platform and adding a range of investment resources to aid traders, CGCX is setting a new standard for security and convenience in cryptocurrency investment.

Beginning on May 1st, CGCX launched a presale of its digital currency, the CGCX Token. Along with a main sale to be held in June, this would help the platform raise the money it needs to develop its features and expand its operations. It only took a little more than a week for CGCX to hit its $5 million soft cap and only one additional week for them to reach USD $10 million, effectively doubling their soft cap projections, indicating that interest in this platform is high and that investors believe it has great value.

CGCX Considered

Whereas most cryptocurrency platforms focus primarily on digital asset trading, CGCX has taken the unique step of combining this with ICO listing, smart contracts, and merchant services. Offering all four services through one platform makes it simpler for users to make all the investments and obtain all the services they need in the cryptocurrency field. It also provides significant benefits for businesses that want to accept cryptocurrency payments, as well as for customers who want to make such payments. On top of all these offerings, CGCX is unique in that they also offer insurance of your funds held within the CGCX exchange against loss from hacks and other crypto security threats.

To bolster these benefits, CGCX has created an array of tools to help investors, businesses, and other users. The platform offers smart contracts, or contracts that store specific instructions and trading conditions in a blockchain. These contracts enforce themselves, so people who make agreements using them can trust that those agreements will be upheld. CGCX also offers its own cryptocurrency, the CGCX Token, that entitles the user to substantial discounts, along with secure, insured wallets to hold it and other digital coins. And it provides an alt token voting mechanism that empowers users to decide which currencies will be traded.

Rapid Results

To raise money for further platform development and expansion, CGCX is holding a presale, which began on May 1st and was originally scheduled to continue until May 15th. However, after seeing the demand over the first two weeks of their pre-sale, CGCX decided to extend their pre-sale until May 25th. The platform set a soft cap of $5 million for the money it hoped to raise through this event. Remarkably, it has already met and exceeded that cap. The rapid influx of funds and support indicates that large numbers of investors see CGCX as a valuable service that will enhance their lives and the cryptocurrency economy. As a result, the platform can be confident that it will be able to raise enough money to fully develop its features, and that individuals and businesses across the globe will benefit from it.