Growth Generation: Marketing & Development Expert John Dell Joins The You42 Team  

Atlanta, Georgia– John Dell, a marketing and business development expert with experience across a wide range of organizations, will serve as an advisor for You42. He brings with him extensive expertise in marketing, business development, logistics, and forecasting, among other key competencies. All of these skills will be invaluable for You42, a social media and arts platform that aims to disrupt modern artistic publishing.

You42 offers artists–from videographers to musicians to painters–a way to create new art, share it with their followers, and monetize it through cryptocurrency sales or advertising. The platform gives artists the tools they need to grow their audience and break free from the monopoly of the major publishing houses. You 42 is working to cultivate widespread awareness and support to grow the platform and help these artists find success.

As a marketing and business development expert, John Dell has the expertise You42 needs to attract a critical mass of support. Dell brings wisdom from working for a wide range of organizations, including Subway, Henry Schein, Coca-Cola, and even the United States Army Reserve. With this background, he knows exactly how to publicize the platform, sell its benefits, and appeal to as many artists and fans as possible.

You42 & the Publishing Monopoly

You42’s main goal is to break the monopoly of major publishing companies. A handful of organizations have the resources and fan base to dominate artistic publications. Artists have to tailor their creative energies to the demands of these organizations. They also have to give them a large cut of their earnings, meaning fewer profits for creatives and higher prices for fans.

You42 leverages social media and blockchain technology to break this monopoly. The platform offers the tools artists need to create, publish, and monetize their content, as well as for fans to communicate with them and share their work. This has the potential to make artistic production more equitable and transparent.

Dell’s Marketing Mastery

John Dell has worked with an array of organizations over the course of his career, including Johnson & Johnson, Eastman Kodak, the US Army Reserve, Coca-Cola, DellWood South, and most recently, Subway. Through these jobs, he gained expertise in a range of key business development competencies. He is particularly skilled at marketing and sales management, as well as team building, customer service, and strategic planning. With these skills, he is well prepared to design a marketing and development strategy for You42. Dell can appeal to artists and fans alike, selling both groups on the benefits of the platform even before it is widely recognized and giving You42 the critical mass of support it needs to thrive.