How to Build a Decentralized Application (dApp) in 20 Minutes

With cryptocurrencies gaining popularity and new applications based on blockchain technology popping up every day, Dapp University explains how you can create your own decentralized application (dApp) on the ethereum platform.

Blockchain is an emerging technology in its very early stage of development. Being a front-end developer I wanted to develop a blockchain app with modern web frameworks but did not find a solid source to get started.

The basic things needed to build a dApp:

  1. Web3 JS – enables client-side app to talk to blockchain
  2. Metamask – enables browser to talk to blockchain
  3. Ganache – local development blockchain
  4. Remix – smart contract IDE

Dapp University then goes on to show the viewers how to write a smart contract. The smart contracts that are shown are written in JavaScript. The smart contract is a really basic contract but Dapp University includes a link to copy and paste to create your own smart contract. Dapp University goes on to show the viewers how to customize the smart contract to perform other functions.

Dapp University explains how to set up the environment for the dApp, set up the smart contract, deploy (through deploy and truffle) the newly created contract, linking to the frontend, and modify the smart contract code.