How to earn bitcoins by creating forum postings

While buying bitcoins at a bitcoin exchange website is one of the easiest ways to get some bitcoins, it is not the only way. Other ways include earning bitcoins while actively contributing to the cryptocurrency community and its development.

If you are considering getting paid in bitcoin, the first step is to join a cryptocurrency forum. Two of the biggest bitcoin forums are BitcoinTalk, located at , and bitcoin subReddit at .

BitcoinTalk forum was originally created by the founder of the bitcoin currency Satoshi Nakamoto. The forum went live on November 22, 2009. Originally, Satoshi Nakamoto used a SourceForge forum to engage bitcoin users in discussions related to digital currencies. To underline the unofficial nature of the BitcoinTalk forum, the forum moved to in July of 2011.

As the bitcoin-related forums have been growing in popularity in the recent years, so have been the opportunities to earn money in the form of digital currencies. These forums are a popular place to advertise a business for new and established cryptocurrency companies. Often these companies are looking to buy products and services for which they are willing to pay in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Another way to get paid in bitcoin is to use forum signatures and participate in forum signature campaigns. A forum signature is located at the bottom of a BitcoinTalk forum profile. A sponsored forum signature typically has some form of advertising and you get paid by the sponsor of the advertising campaign every time the signature appears on the forum. This is how sponsored signatures allow forum users earn funds in bitcoin every time they create a valuable post. BitcoinTalk forum keeps an updated list of all the sponsored campaigns, their rules and participation requirements at When you join a campaign, you can easily make a little bit of money by simply posting on the forums. The catch is that most campaigns are only available to established accounts with a long reputation and if you are just joining the forum, many of the opportunities may not yet be available to you because your account is new.

Becoming a senior member is not as simple as simply being a member for some time because the forum has a complex activity formula that prevents people from abusing the system and simply spamming the forums to get a higher rank.

The ranks, from the lowest to the highest, are the following: brand new, newbie, junior member, member, full member, senior member, hero member and legendary.

When you join the forum, you become a “brand new” member and get 1 gold coin. The coin is a part of the forum rewards system. It is not a digital currency coin. You can progress up the ranks ladder based on activity. Activity is calculated according to a formula that you can see at . Activity works in the following way: your level will increase every 14 days by 14 if you have made 14 posts in the previous 14-day period. If you make less than 14 posts, your activity will increase by the number of posts that you’ve made. If you make more than 14 posts, your activity will still only increase by 14.

To become a junior member, you will need an activity of equal or more to 30 activity points. This means that in the best-case scenario you can become a junior member in about four weeks after becoming a newbie. It will take another month to become a member and another two months to become a full member.

It is possible to speed things up by buying an existing account and there is even a marketplace of people buying and selling established accounts.

If you are looking to build your own account, the best way to do so is to engage in discussions and contribute by posting well-crafted responses and explanations. If you have a question, creating a topic will also count as a post.

Rewards that you may get from participating in forum signature campaigns depend on a range of factors. The first factor is the budget of the company running the campaign. The payout per post will depend on the size of the budget and the product or service that the creator of the campaign is promoting. In some cases, the payout may be incredibly small while in other cases it may be somewhat substantial.

The second factor in sponsored signature campaigns is the limitation on the number of posts you can make. Some sponsors limit the number of posts you can create during the campaign, which means that your earnings will be limited. Most campaigns pay on a weekly basis and the sponsors limit the number of posts you can make during a week of a campaign. If you make more posts that agreed on, you will simply not get a reward for them.

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