Hybrid Exchange Happenings: CGCX Announces A Presale For Its Utility Token

Singapore– As the first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange on the market, the Calfin Global Crypto Exchange, or CGCX, offers an invaluable set of tools and features for not only individual traders but also institutional investors. The platform will provide investors an advanced opportunity to get involved by holding a presale, which began on May 1st.

CGCX seeks to transform the cryptocurrency market by offering investors the most reliable and secure platform for buying, selling, and using cryptocurrency. CGCX distinguishes itself from other tools currently on the market by offering four essential platforms–a cryptocurrency exchange, an ICO listing platform, merchant services, and a smart contract platform–all contained within one user-friendly platform. By offering these tools in a single, secure, easy-to-use platform, CGCX hopes to increase the everyday use of cryptocurrencies around the world.

As part of its effort to provide quality cryptocurrency tools, CGCX is creating its own utility token. Known simply as the CGCX Token, this coin can be freely exchanged through Ethereum. It can also be used for exchanges on the CGCX platform; users who pay with them can earn considerable discounts compared to those using other forms of money. By releasing tokens in a presale with a 20% bonus, the platform hopes to attract a large pool of early investors and build a solid foundation for further growth.

A Cocktail of Tools from CGCX

In providing four trading platforms rolled into one, CGCX hopes to empower investors to make a variety of trades and transactions, from buying and selling Bitcoin to accepting cryptocurrency transactions in retail stores. To this end, it has developed a host of valuable tools, including:

  • Alt Token Voting & Listing– Updated each month, the alt token listing will tell all CGCX users which cryptocurrencies are viable enough to be traded on the platform. Users can then vote on the ones they want to be traded, fully democratizing the exchange. And when users do vote on tokens, CGCX plans to use 50% of the voting fee tokens it receives to purchase insurance that will protect users’ investments against cyber attacks.
  • Smart Contracts– Real-world assets can be quickly and safely traded on the platform by creating and storing the conditions for the trades in a smart contract on the blockchain. The contract then enforces these conditions on its own, taking human bias and error out of the agreement and ensuring all terms are upheld.
  • Secure Wallets– The platform offers its users a digital wallet where they can store CGCX Tokens, Ether, Bitcoin, and other digital money.
  • Merchant Services– CGCX merchant solutions quickly and easily integrate with existing POS and e-commerce systems, allowing business owners to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Through these and other features, CGCX hopes to make it as safe and convenient as possible for investors to trade cryptocurrencies.

Presale Projections

As part of its effort to attract cryptocurrency investors, CGCX will be holding a presale for the CGCX Token, which began on May 1st and last until May 15th. This will give the most engaged investors a chance to get in early, with an additional 20% bonus, before the main sale later in June 2018. Between the presale and the ICO, CGCX hopes to sell a total of 1 billion tokens out of 2 billion total that will be produced. CGCX will use the proceeds of these sales to fund enhancements on its features and expand their geographical reach to eventually make their services available worldwide.