Mark Caplan Brings His Licensing Experience To BLMP  

Singapore– Mark Caplan, a licensing expert with extensive experience handling high-demand branded content, will be joining the BLMP Advisory team. BLMP’s goal is to radically improve the process for licensing virtual goods. As one of the company’s prestigious advisors, Caplan will be able to contribute his vast industry expertise to help advance and expand digital content licensing efforts.

Mark Caplan has years of experience working with branded intellectual property, including some of the modern world’s most popular and valuable content. From TV shows like “The Simpsons” to films like “Spider-Man” to early CD-Rom video games, he has enhanced the security and profitability of a host of key properties. He specializes in solidifying relationships between different players in the branded content market, providing a foundation for the production and distribution of such content.

This background gives Caplan the skills to drive BLMP forward. BLMP provides a platform and a set of tools for brands, artists, and publishers to form licensing agreements for the production and distribution of branded virtual goods. Caplan knows exactly what it takes to broker complex licensing deals, and can optimize and promote the platform for all potential customers.

Caplan’s Contribution to BLMP

Caplan’s experience with branded content started early. After graduating from Arizona State University, he worked as a business development manager for Link Consulting Associates Investments, where he pioneered international licensing deals for CD-Rom games. After that, he worked for Fox, where he adapted properties from shows like “The X-Files” and “The Simpsons” for video games. He then spent more than 20 years at Sony Pictures Entertainment, where he had a chance to handle the licensing of everything from “The Smurfs” to “Breaking Bad” to “Men in Black” to the Spider-Man franchise. He currently serves as the Principal of BD Labs Incorporated, a consulting company that specializes in intellectual property licensing and content distribution.

Caplan’s skills and experience dovetail with the goals of BLMP, or the Blockchain Licensing Marketplace. BLMP is a platform for virtual goods, or digital items that are purchased in video games and on social media. Until now, it has been difficult for the brands that license digital content and the publishers that sell and distribute virtual goods to work together and sign licensing agreements. But BLMP has created a blockchain-based platform to simplify the licensing process. From self-enforcing smart contracts to a tracking system that ensures properties are used with permissions, these tools give everyone involved the confidence to produce and distribute virtual goods.

The value of BLMP’s platform will only bolster the virtual goods industry. Caplan offers the capacity to do just this based on personal experience, he understands the needs and concerns of publishers, and brands, and can demonstrate to each of them the benefits of the platform. As a result, BLMP can quickly spread its services far and wide and rapidly redefine the virtual goods market.