Proceeding To Phase 2: CGCX To Expand Its Public Sale

Singapore– Investors have had a high demand for CGCX’s services— so high, in fact, that the platform’s initial sales plans proved inadequate. The platform raised 42,000 ETH (as of 6/25/18) and achieved many of its key milestones early in the private presale and public sale process. As a result, it is expanding the public sale with a second and final phase, beginning on July 5th, and allowing a larger pool of investors to get involved.

CGCX is one of the safest and most convenient places for blockchain investors to put their money. The exchange takes the unique measure of rolling four platforms into one: a cryptocurrency trading platform, an ICO listing platform, a smart contracts platform, and a merchant services platform. Combined with access to advanced trading applications, this makes one of the most flexible and advanced cryptocurrency trading platforms on the modern market.

Cutting-Edge CGCX

Besides rolling multiple platforms into one, CGCX offers a number of applications that make trading easier and safer. These include:

  • Investment Insurance– CGCX offers insurance to cover any digital assets stored in CGCX exchange wallets in the event of a cyber attack.
  • Secure Wallets– Besides insuring assets against cyber attacks, CGCX makes such attacks less likely to succeed in the first place. It provides secure wallets, which protect investors’ assets while still affording easy access.
  • Investor Control– CGCX lets investors vote on which tokens it will list for trading. It uses smart contracts to enforce the results of these votes automatically.

By offering these benefits and creating greater opportunities for diversification, CGCX dramatically reduces the risk to investors while helping them trade blockchain assets conveniently and profitably. This has contributed to high demand for its services, encouraging investors from across the globe to get involved.

Like many blockchain ventures, CGCX is attracting investment through private and public sales of its own cryptocurrency, the CGCX Token. These sales have proven far more successful than the platform anticipated. During the 15-day private presale, CGCX hit its soft earnings cap of USD $5 million in just 9 days. It has continued to overperform during the public sale.

Rapid sales are a good sign for the platform as they indicate that more investors want to get involved than are currently able to do so. Beginning on July 5th, this second and final phase will allow a wider range of investors to get involved and reap the platform’s myriad benefits. This phase will also allow users of the newly launched exchange to purchase the CGCX token at the ICO price and also sign up for and use the exchange.