Public Sale Projections: CGCX To Release Its Utility Token

Singapore- The Calfin Global Crypto Exchange, or CGCX, will be holding its public cryptocurrency sale on June 1st, following an extremely successful pre-sale in which they exceeded their soft cap, raising 22,500ETH. The platform has developed a wide range of tools and resources to improve the security and profitability of cryptocurrency investments. By releasing its token for public sale, it will allow investors of all stripes to begin taking advantage of this new and improved investment framework.

To ease the risks and uncertainties of the cryptocurrency investment market, CGCX has created a number of features and services for investors. The exchange is offering four blockchain platforms rolled into one, so they have full flexibility in what investments they make and what services they purchase. CGCX is highly invested in the safety of their clients, so they also offer insurance, which can help protect investors against cyber attacks, fraud, and other hazards that plague the current market. Combined with secure wallets, smart contracts, and investor voting, these features will make digital assets far safer and more lucrative for anyone who wants to buy them.

In order to raise the money needed to develop these features, CGCX is releasing its own cryptocurrency, the CGCX Token. This token can be used to pay transaction fees at a discount, and it entitles investors to vote on cryptocurrency listings. By releasing the currency on June 1st, the platform gives investors a chance to get involved early, all while raising ample funds for further development.

Examining the Exchange

What sets CGCX apart from other cryptocurrency platforms is its concerted efforts to protect and empower investors. To this end, the exchange is offering:

  • Multiple Platforms– CGCX combines four platforms into one: a platform for merchant services, one for smart contracts, one for ICOs, and one for digital asset trading. This gives investors more control over how they’re investing and makes it easy for them to diversify.
  • Investor Insurance– When investing through the CGCX platform, investors can benefit from insurance that reimburses them in the event of a cyber attack. As a result, more investors will be willing to take part in this profitable but risky industry.
  • Secure Wallets– To further guard against cyber threats, CGCX creates secure wallets that investors can use to store their assets.
  • Voting & Smart Contracts– CGCX allows investors to vote on which assets will be listed on its exchanges. It then enforces the results of these votes using blockchain-based smart contracts. Investors thus have a high degree of control, and can make sure only viable cryptocurrencies are listed.

CGCX needs to raise funds in order to develop these features. To do this, it has chosen to create and sell a cryptocurrency. Investors have a strong incentive to purchase these tokens. Although they do not confer platform ownership or pay dividends, they do entitle the holder to vote on cryptocurrency listings. They also allow investors to earn significant discounts on transaction fees for CGCX services.

The platform will issue 2 billion CGCX tokens, half of which will be put up for sale. That public sale will begin on June 1st. The sooner investors purchase them, the better their chance of profiting off this secure, promising platform.