Stephen Colbert Talks About Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto

On May 2, 2016, Stephen Colbert spoke about bitcoin and its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Colbert stayed true to character by dabbling in this topic with his usual light-hearted nature.  

Colbert began, “I’ve got a question. It’s a bit of a technology question. Any technology people here tonight who use Bitcoin? (cheers) You know what bitcoin is anybody? Oh, good. There are people in my audience who are arms dealers and murderers for hire. Excellent.”

Since bitcoin is an anonymous payment system is occasionally linked to illegal activity. While anonymity is put in a negative light, in this case, anonymity can also provide a great benefit for security and privacy issues.

Colbert continues by saying, “Bitcoin, for those of you who don’t know, is an electronic online currency that was created in 2009 for sort of the shadow dark economy of the internet that was made by someone who did it under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto obviously a fake name because if you unscramble the letters of Satoshi Nakamoto you get Tom Hanks Asia Too. I asked Mr. Hanks and he denied it. Well today in Australia – or yesterday for people – an Australian entrepreneur name Craig Wright outed himself as the creator of this shadow currency now some folks are skeptical including myself that an Aussie created this new technology because the last thing Australia invented was that dumb stick that comes back to you, and of course the bloomin’ onion.”

Many have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto; however, no one has been able to prove that they are the creators of the world famous digital currency – bitcoin.   

Speaking about cryptocurrencies in May of 2016, Colbert was one of the first public comedians to talk about bitcoin. Colbert performed this routine on the Late Show.