The “Dead By Midnight” Masterpiece: You42 Horror Film Entered Into The Negative Fest  

Atlanta, Georgia– You42, a social media and entertainment platform that uses innovative technology to break the dominance of large producers, has achieved early success with its film, “Dead by Midnight.” A horror anthology that was screened at the 2018 Atlanta Film Festival, the movie was widely acclaimed by the audiences and critics who saw it. It was accepted into this year’s Negative Fest, an independent film festival for movies in horror and related genres.

You42 offers artists and their fans an independent platform to share artistic content. This platform comes with a number of innovative features, including a set of tools for creating and publicizing works of art as well as a combination of cryptocurrencies and ad revenues to pay for them. This has the potential to provide both artists and fans with more autonomy than they have ever had, making way for new avenues of creative expression and monetization.

As part of its strategy to attract artists and fans, You42 is releasing its first film, “Dead by Midnight.” The horror film tells six different short horror stories tied together by an overarching plot. It received strong reviews when it was screened at the Atlanta Film Festival, held this year from April 13th to the 22nd. Reviewers appreciated its non-traditional plot structure, comparing it to classic horror movies and shows like “Tales From the Crypt” and “The Vampira Show.” From the skill of its actors to the quality of its six scripts and the way it ties each story together, the film was a rousing success.

Details on “Dead by Midnight”

“Dead by Midnight” tells the story of WKIZ 42, an independent television station that is set to go out of business. As a last hurrah, the station holds a film festival, screening six short segments that each tell a self-contained story. Over the course of the night, producer Candice Spelling (Hannah Fierman, star of V/H/S and Siren) realizes that the station’s employees are disappearing one by one, only to reappear as characters in the ever-darker films. It is revealed that the mysterious host of the show, the Mistress of Midnight, portrayed by cult movie icon Erin Brown, is trapping the characters in the films!

Negative Fest Feats

In view of its artistic and critical success, “Dead by Midnight” was nominated for this year’s Negative Fest. Held from June 15th through the 16th, Negative Fest features horror, SciFi, cult, suspense, and experimental films from 15 countries. By participating, You42 hopes to reach an even wider audience and show its commitment to supporting filmmakers and other artists who are producing quality content.