The Four Pillars of a Decentralized Society

Johann Gevers is Co-Founder and CEO of Monetas in Zug. Monetas is building the world’s first universal transaction platform—an essential infrastructure for the society of the future. Johann’s lifelong driving passion is to help create a better life and world for everyone, through personal, organizational, and social transformation. It has inspired him to develop a pioneering new legal system for a free society, based on a new Golden Rule. His thirty-year journey searching for better methods and tools—and for freedom and joy for humanity—has profoundly enriched his and others’ lives.

At the beginning of his talk, Gevers explains that for a long period of our history, human societies could only grow to about 150 people before the fiber that united the society began to break down. The reason for this break down was due to the untrust the citizens grew for one another and without formal contracts trust could not be maintained.

We are now again facing trust issues within our society. In order for us to expand our society and improve it we need to implement four steps.

  1. Decentralized Communications. We must be able to communicate with each other, share ideas and decide whether we want to cooperate. There are two essential components to each of these: the internet and cryptography. This will allow a true flow of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.
  2. Decentralized Law. We need to discuss terms and define the terms of our cooperation. The three components of a decentralized legal system are choice of law, choice of adjudicator, and choice of enforcer.
  3. Decentralized Production. We then produce what we agreed to cooperate on, in the way we agreed to do it. This allows us to bypass the censorship of centralized system. This requires two elements: decentralized materials production and decentralized energy production.
  4. Decentralized Finance. Finally, we trade and share the goods and the services we have produced, rewarding and supporting everyone who contributed. In order to live in a decentralized currency and a decentralized contracting system.

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