Thomas McAlister & Paul W. Bradley To Serve As CGCX Advisors

Singapore- CGCX, a blockchain and digital currency platform with an ambitious new trading model, has recruited Thomas McAlister and Paul W. Bradley as advisors. McAlister brings invaluable expertise relating to blockchain identity verification, while Bradley offers insight into strategic planning and global growth. Both experts will contribute markedly to the success of CGCX.

CGCX is a hybrid trading venture. Instead of limiting itself to exchanging cryptocurrencies, it offers four different platforms, so users have an unprecedented level of flexibility in how they invest and use cryptocurrencies. The company is also creating a host of unique features, including Multi-Wallets, smart contracts for real-world assets, and an efficient alt-coin voting infrastructure. These resources, paired with the fact that CGCX insures their wallets in case of cyber attacks, will allow investors to get involved in the cryptocurrency field more easily and securely than they ever could before.

Bradley and McAlister can both contribute to these efforts in different ways. Bradley is an expert in strategic planning, having helped companies like Caprica International build alliances and expand globally. With this expertise, CGCX will have an easier time appealing to investors and getting involved in investment opportunities across the world. Meanwhile, McAlister is a blockchain architect with a history of finding innovative solutions to technical problems. He has the ability to help CGCX achieve their most ambitious technological goals, particularly that of offering comprehensive security for all customers. With these professionals on their team, CGCX should have no trouble thriving all over the world.

New Contributors for CGCX

In order to enhance cryptocurrency and blockchain investments, CGCX is offering a range of new features and resources, including:

  • Hybrid Exchange– Rather than offer a single trading view, CGCX provides user-friendly interfaces for boht beginning investors and professional traders. This gives investors more flexibility and security in how they take part in this promising but hazardous market.
  • Security Features– CGCX is designing a number of key features to keep their investors safe. Chief among these is a set of secure Multi-Wallets that let users store the platform’s tokens and other cryptocurrencies safely and conveniently.
  • Token Voting– CGCX users have the opportunity to vote on which cryptocurrencies will be listed on the exchange. This adds a new level of democratization, so that investors can decide for themselves which tokens are secure and viable enough to invest in.
  • Merchant Services– Retail and e-commerce businesses will be able to easily accept cryptocurrency payments through CGCX’s merchant solutions, which can easily integrate with existing payment systems.

As a member of the CGCX team, Bradley will introduce a new level of strategic planning expertise. His experience expanding and founding business entities in multiple different countries will help him promote the platform to all potential participants. By developing and selling CGCX’s unique features in a way that appeals specifically to each market, he will assemble a large pool of promising investors.

While Bradley contributes to strategic development, McAlister can shore up the technical side of CGCX. He has extensive experience with security and verification, having patented a bio-identity encryption for use in blockchain applications. This will give him insight into designing more effective multi Wallets and other security features, so that CGCX users can be sure their funds are safe in all trades.