With so many Crypto-Exchanges, which do I choose?!

Our top 3 choices and why.

Bitcoin! Etherium! Litecoin! WE ALL WANT SOME!

Some of us are super excited. Some of us are super perplexed.

It’s probably accurate to claim that you feel like jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon that has suddenly blazed onto the scene. You may have USD. GBP, or EUR that you would like to convert into Bitcoin or Altcoins, which seem to have a promising future or future return on your investment.

First and foremost, to do this, you will have to find a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange.

So where do you look? And, who can you trust in this decentralized, unregulated world?

After you answer that, then your next question may be, which is the best cryptocurrency exchange?

These questions and many more have begun to weigh heavily on the minds of cryptocurrency investors, potential investors, and users. News of the failures and mistakes of the cryptocurrency exchange MtGox which experienced bankruptcy, and other exchanges that experience security breaches isn’t painting the most prettiest picture for the crypto-industry.

In all honesty, it is not a simple task to point out the end-all solution when it comes to the crypto-exchanges. One that will fulfill your every single need. But the best advice we can begin to give you is this list of auditing parameters:

  1. Beginner friendliness
  2. Good user ratings
  3. How safe does the website seem to you? Security is monumental.
  4. High liquidity
  5. High trade volumes
  6. What is the transaction fee structure?
  7. Whether the given exchange provides transparent data of coin transactions, prices, and volumes?
  8. Multiple options to purchase crypto-coins like PayPal, credit card, etc.
  9. Are their current customers happy?

So with all that being said, here are some of the cryptocurrency exchanges we would recommend you get started with:



Coinbase is considered the simplest platform to date to get started with. The user-friendliness factor is off the charts. Honestly, anyone can figure out how to use their software since they have put the time in to make it so simplistic. They even created their own associated wallet with Android and iOS apps, which is pretty cutting edge.

Coinbase was started in San Francisco in 2012, and is widely considered the best exchange on the market for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium.



BitFinex has self proclaimed themselves as the largest and most advanced Bitcoin exchanging platform in the world. One of its more noticeable features is the low amount of time it takes between an exchange. It also offers users margin funding, advance order types, leverage trading, and high security over your assets.

BitFinex was founded in Hong Kong in 2012, and is perfect for accessing a variety of Altcoins on the market. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Dash, Etherium Classic, Ripple, Bitcoin Gold, Monero, Iota, and Zcash (just to name a few).



Binance is pretty new to the crypto-exchange platform market, but it is still a solid solution for anyone looking to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Binance is based out of China, and although not a ton of people seem to have heard of the exchange, now would be the best time to look at what the platform has to offer.

It has some very unusual trading markets right now, but the team continues to add new coins and tokens on a regular basis. Popular markets on this platform include NEO, Ethereum, Gas, and Litecoin. Bitcoin can also be traded against USD Tether, but not fiat currencies.

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